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Provisioning for your sailing trip couldn’t get any easier: MedCaribbean Charter recommends ordering from home everything you need from the RiteWay Food Markets online shop and have it delivered to your boat. 

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Some of our clients prefer ordering all of the dry goods and drinks and visit the Rite Way that is next to our base when they arrive to get fresh produce and meats. Recently redone, the RiteWay East End has an in-store bakery and deli, rotisserie chicken and a fresh fish counter. The store hours are 7am to 9pm Monday to Saturday; 7am to 6pm Sunday.


RiteWay also offers preset menus adjusted to the number of people on your boat so you won’t have to worry about forgetting something important. The options are:

  • - Full provisioning ($33-37 /person/day)

  • - Partial provisioning (some meals ashore, $27-32 / person/day) 

  • - Dinner ashore, which only includes breakfast and lunch ($22-27/person/day)

  • - Remember to choose your beverages since they are not included in the packages

  • - Download the menus here or from the following link:


Another great option is Good Moon Farm for locally grown organic products. They also offer free delivery in the East End:

For other store options in Tortola and Virgin Gorda click here