MedCaribbean Charters, Ltd was established in 2014 after the establishment of Alquila Vela, S.L., a Spanish charter company, founded in 2003 by Guillermo and María, which provides leisure boats for sale and rental in the Balearic Islands.

The more than ten years of experience in the nautical sector of its owners allowed them to settle in Tortola – British Virgin Islands with their own charter fleet. Based on the extensive knowledge about boats and customer needs, they have created a brand characterized by modern and well equipped sailing boats and catamarans, as well as quality customer service and personal attention.

The yellow flags that wave from the masts are the representative image of this company which has built up a position in the international charter market based on its constant work.

Medcaribbean Charters is the official distributor of the Dufour Yachts boat line in the British Virgin Islands, it also carries out an intense commercial activity of boats sale either for private use as well as for management on its charter fleet.

MedCaribbean Charters has a team of professionals that makes your sailing dream come true.

Guillermo Pons


María Cisneros