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Booking Procedure

Booking your sailing charter with MedCaribbean Charter is really easy…just follow these instructions:

  1. 1. Please request a quote for availability and prices by clicking HERE.

  2. 2. We will send you by email a quotation and once you have decided, please let us know so we can confirm your booking.

  3. 3. You will then need to pay a deposit of 50% of your booking within one week. You can pay by transfer or by credit card and you will receive more information about the payment methods and conditions with your quotation.

  4. 4. After your deposit is received, we will send you a confirmation and a welcome package with infomation via email.

  5. 5. Please fill in your sailing resume, crew list and arrival and departure details and send them back to us. You should send us all of the information no later than 60 days prior to arrival. We also need to know about your provisioning arrangements, so please send us the order you have placed.