British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are an archipelago of about 60 islands east of Puerto Rico. Discovered by Cristopher Columbus in his second voyage, Tortola is the biggest island just short of 20 km long, while the smallest is the archetypical island with a couple of coconut trees where some heartless pirate would leave us stranded. It was these pirates that took advantage of the incredible landscapes of the BVI to rest and refit after their attacks. During the XVII and XVIII centuries, numerous pirates used these islands and protected coves as an operations platform. For example, Norman Island takes it’s name from famous Captain Norman, hung by the Spanish Guarda Costas of Puerto Rico for his many crimes, and Dead Man’s Bay in Peter Island is where many of the pirates abandoned by the famous Blackbeard drowned, after trying to swim across the bay.
The days of the pirates long gone (the last documented attack dates back to 1869), we can relax in one of many white sand and turquoise water beaches, and let our imagination fly and pretend that we have just taken a Treasure Galleon and that we are enjoying the bounty with the rest of our fearless crew.