Yacht management

MedCaribbean Charters offers you the opportunity to be owner through their management programs making your dream come true.

MedCaribben Charters with his team of professionals advises you on the purchase of your boat and helps you throughout the process: boat´s model, financing, equipment according to the selected management program.

If you own a yacht under MedCaribbean management, you can sail and enjoy your yacht or a sister yacht at one of our bases without worrying about the costs of maintenance, moorings and insurance. Self-financed costs and extra incomes depending on the management program.

At the end of the program, you can decide to take ownership of your boat for private use, sell the yacht through our brokerage office or also study with us the new yacht for hire in the MedCaribbean Charters´fleet.

MedCaribbean Charters as Official Distributor Dufour Yachts Tortola (BVI) offers to the owner a wide range of boats ranging from the Dufour 350 to the Dufour 560, ordered directly to the shipyard with the necessary equipment for the charter custormer.

* For variable and guaranteed program the owner pays 100% of the boat.
(30% down payment and 70% two months before departure from shipyard)

MedCaribbean Sales & Brokerage

Official Distributor Dufour Yachts Tortola (BVI)